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Infestation data for WPM are recorded on a consignment basis based on the number of distinct consignments within each of the sampled shipping containers.


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Many countries have put quarantine regulations in place to protect their native forests from the introduction of wood pests.

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In certain circumstances, other restrictions related to pests control in international cargo transportation may apply to the shipping cargo itself.

What are the ramifications of importing, or attempting to import, violative wood packaging materials? Note: further details of the Chilean requirements will be posted later.


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Everyone involved in moving containers has an opportunity to protect our crops, forests, and livestock by ensuring that containers and their cargo are free from unwanted plants, plant products, insects, snails, soil, animals and animal droppings.

These international shipping regulations have been originated by the International Plant Protection Convention.

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What are the current requirements for exporters of shipments with wood packaging moving from Canada to the United States?

The treatment code is unique and is provided by the NPPO and given to the producer of the wood packaging material or treatment provider that will place the marks on the wood packaging material.

Only accredited agencies can perform these functions.

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Thicker wood increases the likelihood of pests being present when WPM is constructed and for the pests to survive.

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For FCL shipping from the USA, shippers must request in advance to obtain fumigation charges.

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Solid wood is wood that has been cut from a tree with no fillers or adhesives used in the milling process of the final product produced from solid wood.

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